Caviar guide: Pro shares his tips on how to buy and eat sturgeon roe

(CNN)“They look like diamonds,” says Alexandre Petrossian as he holds a tin of caviar under the light.

The fish eggs sparkle inside his namesake restaurant in the historic Alwyn Court Building on 58th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, one block from Central Park.


Sitting in his restaurant, Petrossian tries “one of the better caviars”– a Special Reserve Alverta that runs just over $200 per serving. He takes a bite and, even after a lifetime in the business, his eyes sparkle.
“My God, it’s delicious,” he says.
“The eggs are huge and firm. It’s deep without being too strong. The flavor is robust. You feel it on your tongue for a long time.”
Despite his reaction, Petrossian says “there is no actual best caviar.”
“There is the most expensive because it’s the rarest,” he says.
“It can be the best to you. Or the best to you can be the cheapest. It’s all a matter of taste. And all tastes are different.”
What matters is that when you do find your perfect tin of caviar, you are also buying the inevitable special memories that come with it, says Petrossian.
“Whoever you share caviar with makes the experience even better,” he says.
One of his favorite memories was when his son tried the delicacy for the first time — at 18 months old.
Petrossian says the toddler’s first reaction was “a little, ‘what is that?'”
“Then he just had his mouth open [as if to say] ‘I want more. Give me more.'”
And that seems to be the prevailing trend with caviar — after one bite, you’re hooked for life.

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