Mike Huckabee Just Spent A Morning Yelling At Comcast On Twitter

Mike Huckabee may have accidentally discovered the true meaning of Twitter.

Until now, the former Arkansas governor had been known for utilizing the platform to make jokes so bad not even comic Patton Oswalt could save them.But on Monday, Huckabee used Twitter much like many others: He complained about Comcast.

Here are his tweets:

That crack about former President Barack Obamacaught Comcasts attention:

Although Comcasts efforts seemed to mollify Huckabee, he couldnt resist one last crack:

Huckabee has used Twitter for customer service before. Earlier this month, he fired off a series of tweets blasting American Airlines, including this one:

He said that the problems at the airline were why he chooses to fly Delta:

Days later, Delta became his target:

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