The LA riots were a rude awakening for Korean-Americans

April 28, 2017

Los Angeles (CNN)Chang Lee gripped his fingers tighter around the gun and screamed at potential looters from the rooftop of the small strip mall where he stood. The 35-year-old had never held a firearm before the LA riots. Lighting up the blocks around him, Lee could smell the fires burning in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. “Where are the police? Where are the police?” Lee whispered over and over from his rooftop perch. Lee would not see law enforcement for three days — only …


French presidential candidate Macron targeted by hackers, cyber firm says

April 25, 2017

(CNN)French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign was targeted in recent weeks by hackers using methods similar to the hacks in the United States targeting the Democratic National Committee last year, according to a new report by cybersecurity researchers. Tokyo-based cybersecurity firm Trend Micro says it discovered four phony Web domain names that were very similar to the domain names of the Macron campaign — presumably to try to trick careless campaign workers into …


How the Paris police shooting could shape the French election

April 21, 2017

… campaign, puts law and order and fighting terrorism, immigration and national identity at the heart. It makes it much more of a battle between Marine Le Pen and those who oppose her,” said CNN’s Melissa Bell. Opinion: The stakes for the French election just got higher Marine Le Pen, French presidential candidates salute police French candidate publicizes Obama call before Sunday vote The beginner’s guide to the French elections Emmanuel Macron: The next surprise …


Sarah Palin Rips Elizabeth Warren For Saying ‘Fight Like A Girl’

April 21, 2017

In a recent interview with Breitbart News,Sarah Palin blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for using the phrase, which has long been a favorite of the former Alaska governor. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate was quoted as saying: Needless to say, the phrase long predates 2011. I saw this little girl, and she was riding on her daddys shoulders, and shes holding up this sign, and the sign said, I fight like a girl, Warren told NPR. And I thought, Me too, sweetie! You …


The beginner’s guide to the French elections

April 20, 2017

… election? Round 1 is April 23. Then the top 2 vote-getters face off in Round 2 on May 7. Yes, it’s a two-step process. That’s different from the US where a presidential candidate’s fate ultimately rests on one day. (But it sure drags on and on to get there). And it’s very different from, say, Indian state elections that are staggered over five weeks. Who are the cast of characters? Marine Le Pen Who she is: She’s the leader of the far-right …


Democrats needed a win. They didn’t get one in Georgia.

April 19, 2017

(CNN)For the second time in a week, Republicans dodged a potential political cataclysm. Last Tuesday it was a special election in Kansas where the Republican candidate did just enough to win. This Tuesday it was another special election — this one in suburban Atlanta — where a slew of GOP candidates managed to keep Democrat Jon Ossoff just under 50%, forcing a June runoff. An Ossoff victory, which nearly came to pass despite the long Republican tradition in the district, would have …


Trump Administration Won’t Release Logs Of Visitors To The White House

April 15, 2017

… to the Post. Trump has faced numerous questions about potential conflicts of interest after refusing to release his tax returns. Trump, who as a candidate pledged to drain the swamp of Washington insiders, had previously accused then-President Barack Obama of a lack of transparency. Visits to the White House became a matter of particular interest after Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) met with sources on White House grounds who supposedly told him the Trump campaign had been caught up in …


Trump dumps Russia, woos China instead

April 14, 2017

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump has a new best frenemy. Once upon a time, Trump mused about how well he and Russian President Vladimir Putin would get along. Then-candidate Trump said Putin had declared him a “genius,” criticized the Obama administration’s tensions with Moscow and said it would be better “if we got along.” China, on the other hand, was a currency manipulator, a thief of US jobs that should no longer be allowed to “rape our …


Syria’s Assad Is Still Attracting Support From Some Leftists And ‘Alt-Right’ Nationalists

April 8, 2017

… candidate who has met with Assad twice, frequently the removal of the regime to the end of any hope for Syrias religious minorities. That view echoes the dictators own rhetoric and ignores the fact that Assad is one of many Middle East authoritarians who created dynamics that make minority communities terrified of their countries majorities. Theres significant evidence that Assad is not secular, particularly in his regimes dependence on Syrian and foreign forces that say they are driven by …


The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia

April 1, 2017

… his tax returns, like every candidate and president since the Watergate era, also muddies the water. It all added up to what multiple current and former intelligence, law enforcement and administration officials tell CNN was a state of constant contact between Russians known to US intelligence and the Trump campaign. The FBI is currently investigating the matter, according to its director, James Comey. At issue, he said: “The nature of any links between individuals associated with the …