Trump says he would consult with China’s Xi before speaking to Taiwan

April 28, 2017

… I’ve established a very good personal relationship with President Xi. And I really feel that he is doing everything in his power to help us with a big situation, so I wouldn’t want to be causing difficulty right now for him,” he said, referring to the increasingly tense standoff with Pyongyang. Early diplomatic snafu Shortly after his election, as President-elect, Trump had a 10-minute phone conversation with Tsai, a move that angered Beijing and upended decades-long US …


Head to head: How Le Pen and Macron compare

April 24, 2017

(CNN)The French electorate gave the country’s political establishment a wake-up call Sunday as it voted for two outsider presidential candidates: one who has never held elected office and the other the leader of France’s far-right party. Fed up of the parties that have dominated French politics for decades, voters opted for the two politicians that promised the biggest shakeup — Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, early results indicated. They will face each other in a runoff …


Seven ways it helps to have rich parents – BBC News

April 23, 2017

… figure has grown steadily over the decades and has doubled since the 1930s, when just 38% of people expected an inheritance. Our data doesn’t allow us to look at those born in the 1980s or 90s, but there is no reason to think this trend has not continued. 7. But those with higher income are most likely to inherit Within each generation, most inherited wealth goes to those who are already comparatively well-off. Among the 1970s generation, nine out of 10 people whose income is in the top …


Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong Un: A tale of two dictators

April 20, 2017

… similar size and population for decades, running police states that use brute force to crush dissent. Dr. Leonid Petrov, Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University, notes that while Syria and North Korea are not ideologically aligned, both have “hereditary dynastical lines which control their respective countries with fear and repression.” Hafez al-Assad seized power in 1970 in a bloodless coup by military leaders, and for 29 years he dominated Syrian life …


‘Randamoozham’: India to produce its most expensive film ever

April 19, 2017

… “Randamoozham” will tell its story through the eyes of the second Pandava prince Bhima, tipped to be played by Keralan actor and producer Mohanlal. The new Bollywood For decades, the Hindi-film industry, or Bollywood, has stuck to a conventional plot of “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins back girl,” interjected with sequences of song and dance. It’s a tried and tested formula but one that’s becoming stale as Indian audiences grow accustomed to …


Why do these failed paradises exist in Hong Kong?

April 14, 2017

(CNN)Setting foot onto Sea Ranch, it’s hard to believe that this beautiful beachside development is only an hour by boat from Hong Kong’s Island’s zinging financial district. Nestled on the southern coast of Lantau — the largest outlying island in Hong Kong — these spacious homes were designed to form an idyllic millionaire’s village. But that dream failed. In previous decades, when occupancy was at a nadir, Sea Ranch was described by some as having a …


White House: Federal hiring freeze over, ‘surgical’ cuts begin

April 13, 2017

… you drain the swamp.” Trump proposes eliminating after-school program “The executive branch of government has never been rebuilt. It has grown organically” for decades, Mulvaney said. “The President of the United States has asked all of us in the executive branch to start from scratch.” The subtext in this order is clear: Trump wants the government to run more like a for-profit business. And that was outlined by Mulvaney on Tuesday, who said …


Syria’s Assad Is Still Attracting Support From Some Leftists And ‘Alt-Right’ Nationalists

April 8, 2017

… explicit religious commitments to holy Shiite sites. Their brutality is arguably religiously motivated in a way similar to that of ISIS. That Gabbard and her allies believe being secular is enough to grant Assad legitimacy is even more important. The unspoken argument here is that alleged war crimes, mass torture and decades of repressive one-family rule are acceptable, so long as they dont have a pesky Muslim tinge. The message is precisely what controversial Trump White House advisers like …


32 years separate this before and after of a beautiful Washington forest. Take a look.

April 5, 2017

Douglas Scott grew up on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the dying shadow of the timber industry that had supported the region for decades. “Nearly every home had a bright orange or yellow sign reading ‘This home supported by timber dollars,’” Scott wrote on Outdoor Society. While the region has also been recognized for its succulent seafood, temperate climate, and stunning natural formations, nothing shaped the community or the physical landscape quite like logging …


Trump’s Secretary of Everything: Jared Kushner

April 4, 2017

… meeting was likely to include a discussion of Middle East peace, another area Trump has charged Kushner with overseeing. Kushner, an observant Jew, has known Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for decades, and Trump has expressed rampant optimism at his son-in-law’s ability to broker an agreement. So, too, has Trump lent his support to Kushner’s attempts at managing friendlier ties with Mexico, even as the President continues his controversial plan to construct a border wall. …


Trump signals he won’t press human rights ahead of key diplomatic week

April 3, 2017

… traditional news conference that had accompanied the yearly reports’ releases for decades, in both Democratic and Republican administrations. In his meetings this week, Trump will find himself sitting across from the leaders of two countries considered major human rights offenders, according to watchdog groups and the State Department. In the Oval Office on Monday, Trump will welcome Sisi, who was denied an invitation to visit the White House under the previous administration but with whom …


Greek Thomson: Scotland’s other great visionary architect – BBC News

April 2, 2017

Image caption The Caledonia Road Church in the Gorbals was threatened with demolition in 1966 When Glasgow council was planning to demolish one of Thomson’s landmark churches in 1966, influential American architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock made a plea for them to stop. He said: “Glasgow in the last 150 years has had two of the greatest architects in the world.” Image caption The church was described as one of the finest Classical Romantic churches in …


#TBT: Margaret Chase Smith and her ‘place in the sun’

March 31, 2017

(CNN)It’s hard to say what Margaret Chase Smith is best remembered for. During her three decades in Congress, Chase served in both chambers and gave one of the Senate’s most memorable speeches. If that wasn’t enough of a mark, she also ran for president. Margaret Chase was born in Maine in 1897. She worked as a teacher, a telephone operator and at a newspaper. She married Clyde Smith in 1930, six years before the Maine Republican won a seat in the US House. Margaret got her …