Arkansas executes Kenneth Williams, 4th inmate in a week

April 28, 2017

(CNN)Arkansas executed its fourth inmate in a week, ending a frantic schedule caused by the looming expiration of the state’s supply of lethal injection drugs. Kenneth Williams, 38, was initially sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 killing of a university cheerleader. He was later convicted of capital murder after he escaped from prison and killed a man. “I was more than wrong. The crime I perpetrated against you all was senseless,” Williams said in his last words …


Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin to work on special relationship

April 26, 2017

… coordinate visits of foreign dignitaries to the US. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Kushner, Ivanka Trump could be worth $700M Ivanka’s growing role Ivanka Trump has increased her profile in recent weeks. She announced in late March that she would be taking a formal role in the administration amid ethics concerns, despite initially saying she would be simply playing the role of daughter. She has begun speaking publicly on behalf of the administration, …


Bill Nye Slams CNN For Putting Climate Change Skeptic On Earth Day Panel

April 23, 2017

… among scientists that climate change is real and caused in part by human-induced increases in carbon dioxide. CNN Happer, a professor at Princeton, had earlier stated that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Nye pointed out to Happer that the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising at a record rate, according to data released this year by the Environmental System Research Laboratory. Happer later pressed Nye on climate change, saying that Earthstemperature is not rising …


Was ITV’s The Nightly Show a success? – BBC News

April 22, 2017

… “And you’ve got keep doing that, and we will.” Social media presence Image caption Fleabag’s strong online following helped it build an audience “Now you get such a snap decision with everything,” says Taylor. “If something isn’t immediately funny, you see people all over Twitter saying ‘this is rubbish’. “Social media can be great because you can build an audience for a show and make it an underground hit, like Fleabag. …


Sarah Palin Rips Elizabeth Warren For Saying ‘Fight Like A Girl’

April 21, 2017

In a recent interview with Breitbart News,Sarah Palin blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for using the phrase, which has long been a favorite of the former Alaska governor. The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate was quoted as saying: Needless to say, the phrase long predates 2011. I saw this little girl, and she was riding on her daddys shoulders, and shes holding up this sign, and the sign said, I fight like a girl, Warren told NPR. And I thought, Me too, sweetie! You …


Turkey’s shell-shocked opposition struggles to find a way forward

April 18, 2017

… post-referendum haze — looking for answers to a referendum tainted by complaints during the campaign, the voting and preliminary results. Erdogan declared victory on Sunday night after state-run media Anadolu reported 51.4% voted for his “Yes” campaign. The razor-thin majority of votes had opponents crying fraud and saying the “Yes” side would not have had so many votes and even could have lost, if the Turkish Supreme Board of Elections had followed its …


Trump may have to be patient about North Korea

April 18, 2017

Washington (CNN)The United States has lost its strategic patience with North Korea. So what’s a had-it-up-to-here superpower to do to stop a pariah nation bent on putting its nuclear weapons on top of a missile that could reach America? Tough talk, for sure. Lean on China to turn off its life support to its neighbor, for another. But for all the warnings that Trump will fix the showdown with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, it’s so far unclear whether at its foundation, his …


Atlanta Braves begin new ballpark chapter at SunTrust Park

April 15, 2017

Atlanta (CNN)As Chipper Jones hung out in the Atlanta Braves dugout Friday afternoon, a few hours ahead of the Braves’ first regular-season home game at their new stadium, SunTrust Park, the future Hall of Famer fielded a question about what fans might be saying as they entered the ballpark for the first time. “I would venture a guess the word mumbled the most — maybe not even mumbled — would be ‘Wow,’” the Braves’ icon said. “I mean, look at that …


Russia says no, drops out of Eurovision

April 14, 2017

(CNN)Russia is saying goodbye to Europe’s beloved song contest Eurovision, according to the European Broadcasting Union. The decision stirs from growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, this year’s host country. What is Eurovision? …


Dr. David Dao’s United nightmare could be yours

April 12, 2017

… airport, and as a result, it must eject paying customers from the flight. Imagine if, failing to find volunteers, the airline selects random passengers to deplane instead, you included — and that when you refuse, saying you have responsibilities to patients back home, you’re physically yanked from your seat by security, slammed against an armrest, making you bleed, and dragged semiconscious down the aisle in full view of horrified passengers. Replay More Videos … …


How mahjong is changing with the times in Hong Kong

April 11, 2017

Hong Kong (CNN)“The setting sun’s endlessly endearing, but the light of day is disappearing,” says Ho Sau Mei, one of Hong Kong’s last mahjong tile carvers. The 59-year-old quotes a Chinese saying, to express a mix of sorrow and joy as she watches her industry fade. In the 1960s, there were more than 20 mahjong tile carvers — and even an association dedicated to the industry. …


CNN 10 – April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

… of gratitude as well to the emergency services and their rapid response to the attack on Friday. So, people are laying flowers on police cars for example with cards saying, “We’re proud of what you did.” Max Foster, CNN, Stockholm, Sweden. (END VIDEOTAPE) AZUZ: The U.S. government now says it’s a priority to remove Syria’s leader from power. That’s a significant change for the Trump administration. It previously did not prioritize the ouster of Syrian …


Police bail limit of 28 days comes into force – BBC News

April 4, 2017

… change – saying it could lead to suspects being under investigation by one force without others knowing. ‘End to injustice’ Police use pre-charge bail when they have questioned a suspect, but need time to continue their investigations before determining whether to charge them. Related Topics Policing Law More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsURL Maximizer FB Traffic Monster helps you get viral traffic from Facebook directly to your chosen URL (any …


The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia

April 1, 2017

… adviser Michael Flynn, who also served as a top campaign aide, was offering his testimony to Congress in exchange for legal immunity signaled a potential turning point. Watch: Flynn likened immunity to guilt in 2016 If you’re arriving on the scene late, the Flynn news can be summed up this way: One of Trump’s highest-ranked and most-trusted campaign hands, who then scored one of the most powerful positions in the White House, is now saying he wants to answer …


Peter Taylor: How has terror changed in 50 years? – BBC News

March 31, 2017

… [the IRA] make no secret of the fact that they celebrate the death of a soldier or policeman,” she told me. “We celebrated in the same way. If a terrorist was shot, there was a cake made with their name on it.” Wasn’t that macabre? “Possibly,” she replied, “but the saying is live by the sword and die by the sword.” I finally found a photo of the cake – in the shape of a cross, with icing round the edges and “RIP” etched above the …