President Trump, protecting South Korea is not a real estate deal

April 30, 2017

… Everybody wins. Our troops and their families are safer. Our South Korean allies are safer. Pyongyang’s ability to hit the South with missiles is reduced. China gets the message loud and clear that we mean business about our interests on the peninsula. And our allies and partners — there and around the world — take comfort in the fact that the United States will continue to meet its security commitments. President Trump’s team should be commended for the thoughtful, …


How the LAPD has changed 25 years after the riots

April 29, 2017

… compliant with each line of the decree. “Bratton and his team modeled a respectful treatment of the public,” Rice said. “Cops were fired for lying. They were fired for abusing people.” “Previously, cops knew they could get away with anything, because the LAPD refused to indict any of its own,” she said. Lessons learned in the riots The consent decree set out to address the deep institutional problems that gave rise to the fury of the riots. In 1992, when …


Trump says he would consult with China’s Xi before speaking to Taiwan

April 28, 2017

… that Sino-US ties will witness more troubles in his early time in the White House than any other predecessor,” said an op-ed in the Global Times. Before the call, no US President or President-elect had spoken directly to the Taiwanese leader since the 1970s, and the then-Secretary of State said the Trump transition team had not contacted the Department of State ahead of the call. Despite being bullish on the future of the US’ official position on the matter, Trump eventually …


British and Irish Lions tour 2017: All you need to know

April 19, 2017

(CNN)Four nations, one rugby team. One goal — to win a Test series against the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand. The 2017 British and Irish Lions tour is approaching, one of the most anticipated events in world rugby. It happens every four years, and the privileged players to be selected for this summer’s party are set to be announced Wednesday. Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH …


Trump may have to be patient about North Korea

April 18, 2017

Washington (CNN)The United States has lost its strategic patience with North Korea. So what’s a had-it-up-to-here superpower to do to stop a pariah nation bent on putting its nuclear weapons on top of a missile that could reach America? Tough talk, for sure. Lean on China to turn off its life support to its neighbor, for another. But for all the warnings that Trump will fix the showdown with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, it’s so far unclear whether at its foundation, his …


At least 12 suffer burns from ‘noxious substance’ at Hackney bar – BBC News

April 17, 2017

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the 10 people were treated for minor burns at the scene before being taken to hospital. No arrests have been made and officers are continuing to investigate, he added. Witness Phie McKenzie tweeted: “Scary scenes tonight, we have heard reports of chemical burns of people in the building here”. London Ambulance Service said it sent a number of ambulance crews and a hazardous area response team to the venue. Sign-up to get news from the BBC in …


US sends newest F-35 stealth fighters to Europe

April 17, 2017

… aircraft into our inventories, it’s important that we train together to integrate into a seamless team capable of defending the sovereignty of allied nations,” Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander of US Air Forces in Europe, said in a statement. The single-engine F-35 comes in three variants. The A version is flown by the US Air Force, the B version by the Marines, and the C version will become part of the US …


Dogs trained in Wales help fight rhino poaching in Africa – BBC News

April 16, 2017

… massively-important part of conservation – they offer a very good visual and physical deterrent.” After 12 months of training in Wales, dogs get further training in Africa with Animals Saving Animals, which works with conservation rangers. Image copyright Extremus Dog Training Image copyright Extremus Dog Training Two dogs, Belgian Malinois Rogue and Polaris, recently tracked a team of poachers in Zimbabwe who promptly fled, leaving a behind a cache of weapons the animals …


Atlanta Braves begin new ballpark chapter at SunTrust Park

April 15, 2017

… address) now are northwest of the city. They announced they were moving to the suburbs in 2013. At the time, Braves Club President John Schuerholz said that Turner Field, where the team played from 1997 until the end of last season, needed “hundreds of millions of dollars of upgrades.” (The Braves, in their 52nd season in Atlanta, played at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium from 1966-1996.) Around the same time, city money was allocated for another stadium in downtown Atlanta, for the …


Ships in the night: A visit to one of Italy’s ‘pleasure boat’ yards

April 14, 2017

Viareggio, Italy (CNN)The maiden voyage of the Aurora — a new 160-foot, $26.6 million aluminum super yacht launched last week in Viareggio, Italy — lasted less than one hour and only covered a humble 500 yards. Watching an imposing vessel like the Aurora passing through the darkened streets of the scruffy, seaside town, halting traffic and only narrowly avoiding a collision with a streetlight, induces a surreal and somewhat disorienting feeling. But for those more immersed in the …


9 of the greatest rivalries from breakfast to best Australian city

April 10, 2017

… one local fan who can recite every score back to that 33-22 Auburn nail-biter 120 years ago like it was yesterday. Last year, top-seeded Alabama destroyed Auburn 49-0. This year, Alabama is still ranked number one in the country (at time of publication), but a resurgent Auburn team could pose a formidable challenge at home, so you can bet there’s going to be a score to settle on November 30 at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium amid 90,000 fans screaming “War Eagle,” …


What we know about Syria’s chemical weapons

April 6, 2017

… the Chemical Weapons Convention, the current international treaty against the use of poison gas, but it did sign the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which banned the use of chemical and bacteriological warfare, according to the international Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW.) Experts from the agency were part of a UN team that found “clear and convincing evidence” that Sarin was delivered by surface-to-surface rockets “on a relatively large scale” in the …


Trump’s Secretary of Everything: Jared Kushner

April 4, 2017

… State Department. It’s quite, in fact, the opposite. He’s continuing to work with them and facilitate an outcome. But he brings a perspective to this, and began doing that during the transition. But again, it’s not a binary choice where he’s doing this at the expense of somebody else.” During last year’s presidential campaign, and later during the transition, Kushner was identified by Trump’s team as the principal point of contact for foreign governments …


Extremism in prisons to be tackled by specialist task force – BBC News

April 3, 2017

… reform measures announced by the government in November. Other measures already adopted to combat radicalisation include an instruction to governors to ban extremist literature. Prison management also has the power to remove anyone from communal worship who is promoting anti-British beliefs or other dangerous views. Prisons minister Sam Gyimah said the new team will “lead a strand of important work” to help combat terrorist threats posed by offenders. He added: “It is right we …


The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia

April 1, 2017

… questions under oath about the Trump team’s alleged Russian connections. That’s the news. What follows is a reminder of how we got here. It’s not a timeline, but four distinct points that, if properly digested, will help put the next big scoop into its proper context. First, though, some quick history. Vladimir Putin has some deep-seated issues with the US — and Hillary Clinton Russian politics have a reputation for being a difficult to decode. As stereotypes go, …


Peter Taylor: How has terror changed in 50 years? – BBC News

March 31, 2017

… “Det” (for Detachment), left the IRA in no doubt that the “Brits” were not going to allow the IRA to win. Between 1983 and 1992 the SAS and the Det shot dead 35 IRA suspects. I remember doing an interview with one “Det” operator, a young woman, who described the celebrations back at base after the killing of IRA volunteer, William Price in 1984. To some of the team, the permanent removal of an IRA man from the battlefield was cause for a party. “They …


ICE releases Seattle ‘Dreamer’ Daniel Ramirez Medina

March 30, 2017

(CNN)Daniel Ramirez Medina, an undocumented immigrant whose arrest drew national attention, was released Wednesday from a detention center in Tacoma, Washington. “I’m very grateful for all the people who supported me,” Ramirez told reporters in Spanish just minutes after his release. Ramirez, 24, was released after posting a $15,000 bond, his legal team said. …


A huge sigh of relief on health care

March 29, 2017

… According to the GOP plan, “Our Step-by-Step Approach,” the first of three steps towards reshaping the American health care market was thwarted on Friday when the White House, recognizing that splits within the Republican Party could not be resolved to allow passage of the AHCA, instructed Ryan to pull the bill. Step two, led by Secretary Tom Price and his team at the Department of Health and Human Services, may still proceed: “going through every page of regulations and …