Healthy potato yogurt salad recipe/Indian veg aloo raita/easy dinner lunch recipes-let’s be foodie

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Healthy potato yogurt salad no mayonnaise recipe with mustard is easy and quick vegetarian breakfast,lunch,dinner recipes perfect for kids too.This can also serve as raita with dahi.Low calorie potato salad is ideal for late night/mid night snacks.This vegetarian low fat potato salad recipe/dish/meal with yogurt/curd/dahi also serves as healthy snacks for kids.this healthy potato recipes is homemade potato salad, classic potato salad, quick and easy potato salad, vegetarian potato salad with no cream, no cheese, no mayonnaise. This potato salad is made with boiled potato yogurt, relish, celery, onion, jalapenos, bell pepper, mustard sauce/dressing etc. This potato salad is perfect for any day. Enjoy eating this with your friends and family!
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2 medium boiled potatoes, celery, onion, mustard sauce/dressing, jalapeno pickle, relish, yogurt, bell pepper, garlic powder, ground paprika, cilantro leaves, salt to taste, water

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