This Woman Is Actually A Grandmother And Constantly Gets Mistaken For Her Daughter

People’s concept of beauty is changing rapidly in the modern world. Gone are the days when only young, slender and perfectly-featured women were revered. Now, the body positivity movement is celebrating beautiful women whose allure cannot be so easily put into boxes.

This change has inspired many women who would have otherwise considered themselves too old to compete in beauty pageants to take the plunge into this shimmering, other-the-top world. One of these women is grandmother-of-two from Scotland, Laurie Meisak.

Check out Laurie strutting her stuff down the runway:

Alongside her 24-year-old daughter, Amy, she competed in the Miss Galaxy UK final last week.

Thanks to the encouragement of her family and friends, Laurie decided to enter the competition having watched her daughter compete in them for a number of years.

While competing in the pageant, the mother-of-four even found the courage to strip down to her swimwear.

Laurie’s shockingly youthful looks saw her place first runner-up in the competition – not bad for a 55-year-old!

Her success has inspired her to encourage other women to take the plunge and do things they never thought they were capable of.

Laurie’s daughter, Amy, has competed in pageants since she was 19, and when her mom decided to follow in her footsteps, she gave her lessons on how best to strut her stuff on the catwalk.

Amy is currently the holder of the esteemed Miss Grand International Scotland title.

“It was my first pageant. I’m a mom-of-four and I’ve never done anything like this before,” Laurie said of Miss Galaxy UK.

“As a mom, I’ve always been a cheerleader for my children and supported them and now they’re grown up. I never thought I would be on the receiving end and my family would be cheering for me.”

Check out the video below which features a beauty pageant exclusively for the over 60s:

“I feel wonderful. I’ve never felt this good in my life and I’ve loved every second.”

“I did it for the fun factor and to fly the flag for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a size six or 16, tall or short, fat or thin it doesn’t matter. It’s about taking part and having fun.”

Laurie also had some wise words for any women her age who feel like they are past their sell-by date.

“No woman should feel as if she’s past her sell-by date or has a shelf life,” Laurie said. “I think if I can do it anyone can.”

As a supportive mom to Amy, Laurie hasn’t just cheered her on at pageants over the years but made her dresses too.

Laurie admits that she and Amy look remarkably similar and said that she has to double take when she sees certain pictures of them together.

“A lot of people say we look like sisters,” she said. “Amy and I look very similar. She changed her hair recently and it’s a similar color so we look even more alike.”

“We have a makeup artist friend who did our makeup for the pageants and she said it’s uncanny how alike we are – we have the same eye shape.”

Laurie also made a point of saying that there’s a lot more to pageants than simply looking good, and, in taking part in one, she has raised $2,800 (£2,000) for charity.

“It’s not just about beauty or how big your boobs look. It’s about what you’ve done and how well you’ve done it.”

“Amy’s met brain surgeons, scientists, racing car drivers. Some of these girls are really intelligent and it’s a shame there’s this perception about it. People tend to judge when they don’t have the facts.”

We hope that Laurie’s success in the pageant world encourages other women to realize that beauty has no sell-by date.

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