What I Eat in a Day!! Healthy & Easy Meals // May 2017




Hi guys! Today I wanted to share another what I eat in a day video full of healthy and easy meals. I also included whatI ate at the vegan festival in Oslo last weekend. I really hope you enjoy this! Thank you so much for watching ❤ Check out all the links below, and please subscribe!


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Layer 1 – raspberries, oats, almond milk, banana
Layer 2 – chia pudding from Vegobox
Layer 3 – sea buckthorn, banana, oats, chia seeds, almond milk

Lunch – at the vegan festival

Dinner – quinoa pizza
Quinoa, spinach, sweet potato, strawberries, sauce (almond butter, tahini, lemon juice, water), sunflower seeds

Dreams by Joakim Karud
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0

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  1. I have never tasted quinoa but I know there’s a few different kinds/colors and I was wondering do they taste different? And do they have the same minerals, fiber, kalories etc? :)

    1. As far as I know they are all very similar, both in taste and nutrient content. I think the white one might be slightly more fluffy after it’s cooked.. :) xx

    2. a Wildflower Life – Healthy Food & Lifestyle Ohh okay thank you! Which one do you prefer? :)

  2. Hi hun your strawberries looked so gooood!!!! The vegan festival food looked delish to! Love watching & making these vlogs although im not vegan i dont eat alot of meat! Thanks for sharing i always enjoy your videos

    1. Thank you so much!!😚 It was super tasty! I’m so happy you’re enjoying my videos, and that’s amazing that you don’t eat a lot of meat😊💕

  3. That salad looks SO good! Also loved how you talked about how you came up with the idea! I do the same thing…it’s so fun to be creative in the kitchen and just try new things :) Those churros looked amazing too <3

    1. It ended up being so good! Yes, that’s the best! I love just trying new things and (sometimes) coming up with new tasty combinations😋 Thank you so much for watching☺️💕

  4. The salad looks amazing!! Love sweet potatoes! Also, a big fan of churros lol. Love how your videos aren’t exclusively “clean eating.” We get to see the cool things you eat when you travel and go to things like food festivals, and it just makes your videos that much more relatable and realistic! Xx

    1. This comment is one of my favourites ever!☺️💕 I am so happy you like when I share a variety of the different foods I eat! 
      And me too!! Sweet potatoes (and churros lol) are the best😋

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