Wil Wheaton’s tweet about ‘prayers’ and gun control immediately backfires

After a gunman at a Texas church killed 26 people on Sunday, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the state, politicians, as they usually do, took to Twitter to offer condolences through thoughts and prayers.

Wil Wheaton, the Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and a prolific writer, has had enough. On Sunday, soon after reports of the shooting began surfacing, Wheaton attacked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Almost immediately, Wheaton made one point clear. He wasn’t trying to blast people of faith.

Still, he apparently offended some Twitter users.

Plenty of people, though, are frustrated with Congress’ lack of ability (or lack of desire) to do anything to address the continued mass shootings that occur in the U.S. That includes Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). But Wheaton, even with the criticism, had an important question to ask: Will anything change?

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